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Have you ever wanted to learn something online but had a hard time finding good information on it.  Google is an information juggernaut, but it doesn’t always lead you in the right direction.  Where2learn is for those who want to learn something online but need a road map to arrive at their goals.  Even if you already know a lot about a topic the articles include information on how to continually improve upon it.  You will never know everything about a subject and continuing to learn more about it elevates you far above the crowd.

My articles are intended to provide the reader with the most valuable online learning tools available.  I like to give a brief introduction that inspires the reader to learn by explaining the real world benefits.  A major focus is given to specific tips and aspects of learning that type of subject and the best strategies for success.

One thing you will notice is that I don’t post many negative opinions in my articles because I wouldn’t recommend anything that I do not approve of.  That doesn’t mean that the things I provide don’t have negative attributes.  I bet if you look hard enough you can find something wrong with every resource.  Learning is subjective so you may not learn from a particular link, but that’s why I provide multiple options.

There are multiple avenues of learning on the internet: websites, videos, MOOCs, blogs, mobile apps, games, e-books, and podcasts.  I try to find as much variety as I possibly can so that you can find whatever fits your situation and preferences.   The information on every topic is different.  Some topics don’t have good resources in each form of learning.  The reality is that with the versatility of websites most of the time they have the best information.  I can only provide links to what I can find.

When I go about researching the topics I try to go as wide and as deep as I possibly can.  I evaluate many subtopics and options.  I don’t always completely learn a subject, but I make sure to get a solid grasp of its important components.  It is impossible for me to fully learn every topic from each and every source.  I do however explore and troubleshoot enough of the resources to recognize that it is legitimate, informative, and enjoyable.

The most important thing that I try to do in evaluating a resource is to make sure that it is not a fraud.  There are lots of scams on the internet that promise amazing results and then don’t deliver.  The old saying “if it is too good to be true it probably is” must have been created for the internet because it is full of swindles.  If you get a bad feeling about it, the internet can also be a great tool to find out if it is a scam or not.  All you need to do is type it into Google with the word scam.

The reason you are reading my article is because you want to be informed so the most important quality of a resource is its informational value.  I try only to link to the places that I feel are well written and have useful knowledge.  Although sometimes it is great to learn via highly technical gobbledygook jargon, it is not effective and it’s downright infuriating.  I try to provide resources that are filled with cited facts that are easily understood.

Learning has to be easy and entertaining.  It is sometimes hard to pay attention and stick to your goal when what you are doing is impossibly hard or unbearably dull.  The first resources that I provide are usually meant to explain the basic definitions and provide a solid groundwork for the more complicated parts.  The material must be entertaining or else you’ll find yourself distracted and no better off than when you started.  By actually trying to learn the content I can recognize when I start to nod off or when I’m glued to the screen.

There is an insane amount of educational content out there on the web.  I can’t possibly explore every single one and a lot of the time the good material is hard to find.   I try to provide around ten opportunities, although sometimes there are more or less worth mentioning.  I am most interested in providing a variety of great possibilities with each focusing on different methods and intended audiences.

This website is focused on improvement.  I encourage everyone to participate in the comments or contact me with your thoughts.  Tell me what subjects you want to see.  I want to hear about what resources you hate or which resources you love.  Most importantly, if you have a resource that you feel passionate about please let me know, I am always looking to improve the site.

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