Benefits of Learning New Things

Think of whatever it is you want in the world.  It could be a single goal or a long list of things.  I guarantee they all have one thing in common.  They are either achieved by or enhanced by learning.  The benefits of learning have the power to influence your life in many different ways and here are a few of my favorite.

Learn Every Day

Whether you realize and accept it or not you are learning many things both directly and indirectly every single day.  It is very common to overlook the fact that the person you are today is a direct result of all the things that you encountered and learned from.

Sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher teach is the most obvious type of learning but it is also the least common.  For example you are learning when you:

  • Argue with your partner about what to eat for dinner
  • Accidently put your right shoe on your left foot
  • When you ball up junk mail and throw it in the trash
  • and most importantly when you use what you’ve already learning

Learning is subtle.  The benefits of the examples above may not be obvious to you, but they are as follows.

  • Arguing allows you to learn how the other person feels about certain things and what not to say next time. Not to mention improving your communication skills
  • Putting your shoe on the wrong foot makes you realize that you need to pay attention to the mundane because it can kind of hurt.
  • When you throw junk mail away it improves your ability to spot junk mail next time as well as unconsciously improving your muscle memory on how to throw things.
  • When you do something you already know it is teaching your brain that this is something important so get better at it.

You could say that some things aren’t as important as others and they very well may be.  However when considering the fact that life is the culmination of all things learned then nothing is trivial.

Just because you don’t immediately see the benefits of some bit of knowledge doesn’t mean that it isn’t useful.  Many things that you learn are used in other unrelated parts of your life.  The thing about using them is that you won’t even realize that you are using them or where you learned them.

Career Development

Besides the intrinsic benefits of learning, there are several other direct benefits.  The most obvious use of knowledge is career development.  The job market is a jungle and you have to have experience or evidence of competence in order to get the most basic of jobs.

Having a formal education isn’t the end of the story anymore.  E-learning is a great way to open new doors.  You can acquire the many skills that you didn’t learn in school.  You most certainly can add them to your resume if they are relevant to the job you are applying for.  If someone calls you out or you think that people won’t believe you there are plenty of ways to prove it to them.

The more versatile you are the better you look as a candidate.  It screams good employee if you can show them that you have a lifelong commitment to learning and bettering yourself.  A particular skill may not be needed on that job, but the core principals may be an asset to the company.


Have you ever wondered what creativity is?  Well in the simplest sense it is the ability to draw new connections with previously encountered information.  Creativity has by far produced the most beautiful benefits of learning.  Learn how to take your Creativity to the next level here

Yes, some people are generally better at it than others.  However, to be creative you have to have prior knowledge and experiences to draw from.  You may not have noticed, but the most successful musicians, writers, and artists are some of the smartest people around.  This is in part because they have a large store of data to create from.

If you are skeptical; think about a theoretical situation where someone has never encountered a plant in their entire life.  How would it be possible for that person to draw a beautiful flower arrangement?  The answer is that if asked to draw a flower the person would draw a picture that resembles something that they have encountered.

Excluding genetics, a child is a blank slate of knowledge and can only create based on information that they have encountered.  This fact is often overlooked because it is impossible to remember every little bit of data that your brain has soaked up in your lifetime.

The takeaway from this is the fact that in order to create great works of art it is important to encounter as many possible grains of information as you can.  Every subject you learn is a gold mine of creative seeds to sprout a breathtaking garden.


Social interaction is inevitable and for some it can be intimidating and others euphoric.  No matter where you land on the spectrum knowledge is a valuable asset.

For those less comfortable being more intelligent is like a security blanket.  The smarter you feel the more confident you are in yourself.  The broader your knowledge base the more topics you have to relate to others.  Lots of knowledge decreases the chances of being lost in a conversation that makes you feel like an outcast.

As for the social butterflies, having a broad set of skills and hobbies opens the door to many new opportunities to spread your wings.  For every area of interest, there are many forums, clubs, and activities to meet interesting people.


We all enjoy doing fun things; that’s why they call it fun and not awful.  Most people think learning is awful, but I am willing to bet that those people were traumatized by an awful teacher or parent in their life.

Whatever it is that you enjoy it can be enhanced by learning.  No matter what it is I guarantee there is another similar thing that you can learn that you would also enjoy.  I guarantee there are things that aren’t even similar that you would enjoy even though you don’t know it yet.  You won’t know it unless you try.  You would be surprised.

You may think you know everything there is to know about your interest but trust me, you don’t.  And by some chance you know everything and there is nothing else to learn I can find something to enhance it.

For instance, if your passion is action movies I bet you’ve never thought to learn the physics of car chases or military strategy.  If you did you would understand why they did it the way they did, how they filmed it, or whether it’s actually possible or not.

If you enjoy shopping, I bet you haven’t thought of learning marketing techniques or interior design.  Knowing these things can help you appreciate the work that goes in and help you make better informed decisions.  Having knowledge in related areas truly helps you enjoy the essence of your passion.

These are just a few of the many benefits of learning new things.  If you think you aren’t capable of learning, read this article.  If you are convinced and are ready to get started adding these benefits to your life, check out my articles on how to learn and improve memory.

If you are ready to learn some new things then this website is for you.  I will be exploring many different topics and providing opportunities to learn them online.  Be sure to join the learning bandwagon and subscribe to my newsletter.

If you would like to refute any of my benefits or if you have a favorite of your own, let me know in the comments below.

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