Gain a Powerful Understanding of Psychology

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Psychology is the study of the most complex system known to man, his mind.  It is far more complex than any computer.  It governs the way we think and act while maintaining the normal function of our body.  The stunning beauty of the mind is its massive array of cells that all come together poetically to form consciousness.  That consciousness then can adapt and create an infinite number of thoughts.

The study of the brain’s functionality is very extensive and still in the early stages of understanding.  You would think it would be hard to understand, but a lot of times it’s very easy to understand because we are in fact studying ourselves.  Epiphanies are very common in the study of psychology because something you’ve been wondering for a long time just makes sense.

Understanding these aspects of your daily thought processes is an amazing way to grow as an individual.  Knowing why you feel a certain way or why you did what you did is a huge step in changing your behavior for the better.  Having a solid understanding of psychology is also a great way to understand others and the underlying forces behind why they think and do what they do.

I highly recommend everyone take an interest in the study of psychology.  Not only is it an important subject to everyone, but it’s also very fascinating.  This article is intended to provide various options to expand your knowledge of yourself.  It is intended to provide you with a way of forming a general understanding of psychology.

Thinking of a Career in Psychology

Psychology is a very interesting subject that takes a lifetime of study to master.  It is an exciting career path that can lead you down a rewarding road to helping your fellow man. A career in psychology can take the form of several paths.  If you are interested in pursuing a career in or related to psychology then is a great place to start.  This website has lots of great information on the profession such as degree programs and specific specializations.  It is great if you are unsure of where you want to take your education or career.

Psychology Glossary

Psychology is a subject with a huge dictionary of biases, theories, and components that are uncommon or hard to understand so it is best to have a study companion. is a massive database of psychology terms.  The articles and definitions are written in a nontechnical voice for the average student.  You don’t have to be a psychology student to find value in this directory.  The value of the resource is its ability to find the definition to topics you can’t find an explanation for anywhere else.

Best Psychology Video Series

If you are looking for a creative YouTube series that will teach you a lot about psychology in a short period of time then I recommend you check out this Crash Course on Psychology.  It is a collection of short videos that get right to the point and teach you the meat of the subject in a witty voice.  The videos may go fast, but they are designed that way to give you a strong understanding in a short amount of time.  If you think you missed something, the beauty is you can watch it as many times as you want.  Crash Course has many other interesting series that will teach you a lot of stuff in a little bit of time.

Psychology Blog

In the world of psychology being up to date on the latest studies of the contemporary psyche are important.  The most relevant and useful blog I’ve encountered on the subject is PsyBlog.  This blog is written by Dr. Jeremy Dean and covers many practical applications of psychology.  Every article has actionable ways to use psychology in your everyday life.

Psychology for Happiness

One of the main desires of psychology and in life for that matter is to combat its woes and allow happiness to flourish.  This course about the science of happiness entitled Positive Psychology offered by Coursera is a great place to nourish the soul.  No matter who you are I would think that happiness is one of the most sought after feelings of all.  Its effects can be personally fulfilling and contagious making you an overall better member of society.  This course is perfect for anyone who desires to become happier or help others become happier by teaching the fundamental ideas behind the enjoyment of life.

Psychology of Productivity

The power of psychology to improve our lives is incredible and Productivity Strategies to Destroy your Inner Procrastinator is a great course to help you achieve your goals.  This course provides insightful techniques on overcoming procrastination, achieving goals, and mastering will power.  It also has activities to apply your new found productivity skills.  It is a life changing course if you have big dreams but are having trouble getting them done or if you are a professional who thinks there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Best Psychology Books
Psychology Index

There are many components of psychology including things such as fear, alcoholism, g, child development, dementia, and so many more.  Learning about the topics that apply to you is a great way to understand your life a little bit better.  Psychology Today is a leading publication of all things psychology and it is a great way to learn the details of any specific aspect of psychology.  This Psychology Index provided by Psychology Today is an amazing resource that provides a definition of the topic, as well as a bunch of supporting articles that pertain to different aspects of that topic.

Listen and Learn Psychology

Sometimes the best way to learn in a busy life is to listen to podcasts while you do menial tasks.  If you are looking for a great psychology podcast then Shrink Rap Radio is for you.  Dr. Dave’s podcasts are formatted around interviews with industry experts on their current research or area of expertise. He summarizes his podcast as “All the psychology you need to know and just enough to make you dangerous.”

Introduction to Neuroscience

If you are interested in pursuing a background in neuroscience or are serious about learning the fundamental processes involved in brain function then check out this MOOC specialization (3 courses) offered by Coursera called Neuroscience: Perception, Action, and the Brain.  It is created by Duke University and is focused on the catalyst of brain function, perception.

The study of psychology is a very large one that is ever changing.  Even understanding the basics of psychology is highly beneficial in everyday life.  Your mind is used in everything you do so understanding it is essential.  My blog is focused on topics that make you smarter and I truly believe in the importance of psychology so I will periodically be discussing specific subjects within it.  Subscribe to my newsletter or social media to stay up to date on the latest topics.

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