Master the Art of Gift Giving: Even if your a Gift Card Giver

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With the holiday season in full effect, I wanted to write this article to help those who have trouble with the gift giving process.  I am by no means good at it myself so I too had to learn how to be a better gift giver.  Whether you’re used to giving gift cards or you’re the shopping champ with your Black Friday Utility Belt on waiting in line already, you can find something to step up your gifting game in this article.

Before we get into the good stuff I want to talk a little about gifts in general first.  Gifts aren’t about the price tag or the cool new Kardashian Koveralls.  It’s about the process itself.  Giving a present says a lot about you and tells the other person that you care so much that you know exactly what they like or need.  The gifts themselves are very nice and sure the actual item does make the other person happy, but the true value is in the relationship they build.

Now the previous statement is purely from the perspective of the receiver.  From the perspective of the giver, it’s a totally different story.  Even though you may know everything about a person, it is still sometimes hard to find the perfect gift.  Some people like me don’t have an obvious type of gift they’d enjoy.  In these situations, it’s important to think about what you do know about the person and what you know anyone would like.

Giving gifts is often hard for some, but it doesn’t have to be.  Some people think it is hard because it cost a lot, it takes too long to go shopping, or it’s hard to find the right gift.  This article has several different options to find gifts that aren’t going to break the bank.  If you have someone on your list who is hard to get for or you want to get just the right gift for them I have you covered with lots of ways to get ideas.

Gift Giving Etiquette

Sometimes around the holidays the practice of gift giving brings up burning questions on certain awkward situations.  Awkward may be the hot new comedic style, but I defiantly don’t like being the one who feels awkward.  Most of the time you can ask the advice of a family member who knows the situation, but that isn’t always the best option.  This article written by Cheryl Lock answers 10 Gift-Giving Questions for an Etiquette Expert.  Some of the time you just want to tell someone something and you don’t know how to do it, this article provides insights on how to do that.

Best Price Comparison App

By far the best bargain hunting app on the market is ShopSavy Barcode & QR Scanner.  Primarily created as a barcode scanner, this app has grown into the ultimate shopping tool.  Scan or search for products and find the best deals online and in stores near you (it can even map it out).  The app stays up to date with all of the current promotions provided by the major retailers.  You can also set price alerts, create wish lists, share products, and read reviews.  This app is the best tool you can have when you’re out shopping and want to know everything about a product.

Best Coupon Website & App

We all want to save a buck here and there, but most of the time it is almost impossible to find applicable coupons and coupon codes. is an amazing website that puts together deals from over 50,000 retailers all in one place.  They also have an app that provides many of the great features on the go.  This website provides the best coupons for groceries, restaurants, and retailers.  I’ve always wondered when buying things online where to find these elusive coupon codes I always see a box for.  This website solves that with a huge database of coupon codes for many retailers.

Wrapping Hacks

This valuable list of 12 Easy Wrapping Hacks by will make your holiday wrapping easier.  The first tip on the list is an interesting new way to wrap normal presents that’s much faster.  Also included in the list are inventive ways to use recycled materials when you don’t want to spend too much money or you ran out of supplies.  I thought the last technique in this list was incredible.

Finding the Perfect Gift

The perfect gift isn’t always obvious.  Some people are hard to get for.  While the rest of this article is dedicated to providing great gift ideas, it is important to get in the right state of mind for the person you are getting a gift for.   Kaela Worthen Gardner has written a brilliant article outlining 9 Tips that Will Guarantee you find the Perfect Gift for Everyone on your List.  This article does a great job of getting you on track to find the best gift for each personality on your list.

Experiences are the Best Gifts

Giving physical things to people is not the best idea because it often just clutters their closet, breaks after a few days, or is brought back.  Experiences don’t have any of these problems and if you pick the right one, they will never forget that you gave them the time of their life.  If you can’t think of an experience you could possibly give, I suggest taking a look at this thoughtful article by Sarah Winfrey from where you’ll find 12 Fun Ways to Give Experiences Instead of Stuff.

Homemade Gifts

Making a gift is one of the best things you can do to tell someone that you really care about them because your time is a valuable commodity.  It also is great when you need a bunch of gifts on a budget.  Making gifts doesn’t have to be hard or take forever.  Desiree from has put together a fabulous collection of 25 Handmade Gifts Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3These lists provide breathtaking gifts along with links to descriptive instructions on how to make each item.

Edible Enjoyment

They say the quickest way to a person’s heart is through his stomach.  If you love to cook or know your way around a kitchen, then why not use it to spread sweet enjoyment.  If you need some ideas I recommend this article by Tara Struyk of where she lists 12 Delicious Gifts you can Bake.  It is a great article that provides a variety of options to suit any palate.  The article also provides many links to delectable recipes.

Online Ordering Made Easy

If you like Amazon and their endless inventory of items then you may find help with their Holiday Home and Garden Gift Finder.  They have identified several categories of home goods to help find the right gift for each personality on your list.  Whether you’re looking to be fed by the Grill Master or Master Chef, Impress the Trendy Gadget Collector or Decorating Debutant Amazon has something for you and much more.

More Gift Ideas

If you still don’t see anything you want to give or you just want to browse your options, I recommend taking a look at  This website provides tailored lists for any specific situation.  You can browse by gender, occasion, relationship, and personality.  It is a good way to get ideas for each type of person.

Try not to get hung up on the gifts this holiday season because in the end you don’t have to be a Gift Master.  The holidays are all about having a good time spending it with family and friends.

Happy Holidays.

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